Tuesday, March 15, 2011


At 36 I take a lot of pills. I'm going to share them with you along with a brief explanation.

  • Phenergan for nausea. I take it for the nausea that accompanies migraine.
  • Imitrex. I take for migraine pain. It works about 30% of the time.
  • Celexa. This is for depression/anxiety/panic/OCD. It works as long as I practice my cognitive therapy.
  • Buspar. Also for anxiety, but I don't know if it really does anything.
  • Xanax. A rescue tranquilizer for a breakthrough panic or anxiety attack. Wonder drug.
  • Advair inhaler. I don't have asthma, but I have what's known as a reactive airway. Not as dangerous, but still scary and uncomfortable. Now that I take stuff for it, it is better.
  • Albuterol. See above re: reactive airway. Rescue inhaler.
  • Allegra. Terrible allergies. Molds, grass, trees, pets (can't get rid of my babies so tough shit).
  • Flonase. This is a nasal steroid to help with the chronic inflammation in my nose.
  • Ambien. Obvious. I used to never have trouble sleeping, but since the panic disorder my brain won't shut off. That's probably attributed more to the OCD. We tend to ruminate.
  • Lopressor. Persistent tachycardia and hypertension. Lay mans terms: my heart constantly beats to fast and I have high blood pressure. Problem with the Lopressor is it's a beta blocker and the Albuterol is a beta-agonist. Beta blockers aren't helpful for those with airway issues.
  • Cardizem CD: This is a calcium channel blocker for my heart and blood pressure. So I'm actually weaning off the lopressor and will just be on the cardizem.
Notice what's missing? No birth control. That's what got me into this whole cardiac/blood pressure mess to begin with. I used to be a champion for Yaz. It helped with my PCOS and PMDD tremendously! Until it almost sent me to the hospital.

So at a young 36 , I'm on a myriad of meds. I was the youngest person at the cardiologist's office the other day. I really need to get serious regarding some lifestyle changes STAT.

I want to be around a while. I want to be healthy and strong. Right now I'm at a dangerous weight and my stamina is short at best. The problem is I get so impatient and want the changes I make to be reflected immediately.

It's late and believe it or not, the Ambien kicked in.


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